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Initial consultation appointments can be booked online. August availability will be open soon. Please contact us to arrange treatment appointments.
Dr. Laura Pregnancy Diaries

Pregnancy Diaries, Part 1

15 Weeks

Hello and welcome to my first ever blog post. If you had asked me 8 months ago would I be sharing my pregnancy news, fears and tribulations with over 10000 people I would have laughed in your face. But yet, here I am.

I’m 15 weeks pregnant now, and boy have I wanted to talk about what’s been happening over the past couple of weeks. 3 pregnancies in I should be a dab hand at this? But no matter what, I think something will happen that will throw you.

I think before I can talk about this pregnancy, it might help to know about how it went with Harper and Indie...


With Harper I was an anxious mess. I was in the Early Pregnancy Unit (EPU) three times before 12 weeks. And finally at 12 weeks, I bled. I spent the whole first trimester waiting for a bleed; having seen so many patients who suffered miscarriages I was convinced it was going to happen to me. It just couldn’t be this easy. I was getting my nails done one day, and the lovely girl who was doing them for me just summarised it perfectly. She said that every time you sit on the toilet you are waiting for the blood to come. And eventually it did. Ross had gone away and I was at home alone and I saw blood on the toilet paper. My whole world fell apart as I was convinced the worst was happening. I rang my parents and went straight into the maternity day unit. After what felt like hours I was reviewed and thankfully there was still a heartbeat, but also a haematoma under my placenta. Given it was my first pregnancy, the nerves were crazy. Looking back I wonder how I survived at all to be honest. I took some time off work until it settled down and thankfully all was fine. I was back at work a few weeks and then Harper’s growth faltered so it was some more time off for me. Finally at 39 weeks we welcomed our beautiful daughter Harper into the world at 6 lbs 7oz.

I think that pregnancy set me up for more worry in my future pregnancies. Thankfully with Indie there weren’t any issues early on. I organised an early scan, as I just can’t seem to relax until I have seen a heartbeat and a viable pregnancy. Then at the 20 week scan Indie was small for gestational age, she was less than the 3rd centile. So worry came back to haunt me. We did genetic testing at this stage (the harmony test which I have spoken about previously and have another post coming up on), a week I wouldn’t like to relive again. But thankfully everything came back normal. The rest of the pregnancy was pretty much smooth sailing. Again at 39 weeks we welcomed out beautiful Indie into the world weighing a hefty 6lbs 13oz.

This pregnancy was planned and for those who have seen my stories, we were blessed to get pregnant on the first month trying. Each time. Again knowing it usually takes people much longer this was unexpected each time (apart from to Ross who thinks he has super sperm). I’m due literally three weeks after I’m planning to finish the scheme so I’m hoping for pretty smooth sailing again.

We had a family holiday booked to Cambrils in September when I was just six or seven weeks pregnant. Unfortunately the bleeding reared its ugly head on holidays. I had a couple of episodes in Spain and again the worry was overwhelming. I actually recorded some videos on my phone that I was going to share, to share the worry and stress I was going through, as I’m sure there are so many of you out there experiencing the same thing. I honestly thought it was going to end in miscarriage, and probably if it had done I would have shared the videos. When we came home I went straight to my own GP. We did bloods - BHCG to be exact, the pregnancy hormone. The first level on Friday was 50000 roughly and when we repeated it 72 hours later it had only risen to 60000. It should double over 48 hours, which is what I was hoping for, so these bloods didn’t help to settle my nerves at all. I immediately went about organising an early scan and was grateful to get one organised for two days later. Thankfully there was a viable pregnancy, with a strong heartbeat but when they did an internal scan they could visualise the source of the bleeding - another haematoma. I was definitely more relaxed this time and I didn’t freak out the way I did in my first pregnancy. I didn’t even feel the need to take any time off work. And now 7 weeks later there is no sign of the haematoma. My obstetrician has had to keep a pretty close eye on my in all my pregnancies, first due to bleeding and then due to the babies being small for gestational age. I must admit this is one of the big things that I like most about private maternity care. I see the consultant each time and have a scan, which 100% reassures me.

I’m lucky, in that I didn’t suffer with any sickness in any of my pregnancies and this one is no different. The one thing that affected me most was the tiredness however and if you follow my stories you will have heard me giving out none stop over the past few weeks. I always feel pretty tired in the first trimester. If you think about it you are growing a full fetus, all their organs during this trimester and it definitely takes it out of you. Of course in pregnancy number one and two, its must easier to rest. By the time number three comes along, it’s more difficult. Harper and Indie don’t care that you are tired. They still want and need you. They still have nightmares, and viral illnesses. And life goes on. Full time work, an instagram job that is practically full time as well. It certainly takes its toll. Most nights I was in bed by 8.30. A few nights I was asleep by 7pm! I’m hoping that this will improve slightly in the second trimester. But then as the bump gets bigger, more problems arise with sleeping. I must admit I’m looking forward to getting out my pregnancy pillow!

So now I’m firmly in the second trimester and feeling good. My hormones are still wreaking havoc and I’m VERY EMOTIONAL as my poor husband will attest too. But I’m feeling good so I can’t complain. Next big appointment is the 20 week anomaly scan, so god I hope that goes ok. I’m not sure I can handle any more worry. After that it’s the glucose tolerance test - one of my least favourite parts of pregnancy. And then hopefully smooth sailing into the third trimester.

I’m looking forward to sharing this journey with you. If there is anything you would like me to cover please do be sure to let me know. You can drop me a DM on instagram @drlauragp or comment below.

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