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Pregnancy Diaries, Part 2

Pregnancy Diaries, Part 2

Week 25

So 8 weeks after my first ever blog post and there are now over 13000 of you following my journey. How crazy is that. I’m 23 weeks today and feeling every week of it if I’m honest.

Over the last couple of weeks the tiredness really became unbearable. Over Christmas I could barely keep myself awake. On Stephens Day I was up at 8 and went back to bed by 10.30 and conked. I think what was happening was a dilution effect with my blood. My haemoglobin dropped from 12.8 pre-pregnancy to 10.7 and I really felt the effects. I started galfer immediately and slowly but surely the tiredness seemed to stabilise.

I was working a lot over Christmas as well, so that didn’t help! It would have been nice to have a bit more time off, but due to time constraints with my scheme it just wasn’t possible. It’s tough working at Christmas and being away from the smallies at home. Thankfully they are too young to really understand. In saying all that though we had a lovely time. Both the girls were super excited for Christmas this year and Santa so that was fantastic. They have been reading a book all about a little boy who sends his letter to Santa Claus and that got them all riled up. Can’t even imagine what it might be like with 3 next year.

Pregnancy wise, I’ve been feeling pretty good. Apart from the tiredness obviously. No major symptoms or complaints. We started to move house after Christmas then which was some added stress. Lots of packing and unpacking. Unfortunately this brought about one of the biggest problems in pregnancy for me - something we don’t talk about enough - haemorrhoids. Having suffered them with Harper I was prepared. As a GP I think these are one of the most painful symptoms we can have of pregnancy. I’ll never forget before I was pregnant, a woman sat down in front of me and burst into tears. She had been suffering with haemorrhoids in pregnancy for a couple of weeks and was so embarrassed by them she hadn’t sought any advice or help. Please don’t do that. Get help! I Know I do. I went straight in with the big boys - have proctosedyl ointment at home in case they occur - and it definitely helped.

Moving house while pregnant isn’t the best craic either, but we managed. The house is about half the size of our home house but we are settling in nicely and hoping our forever home will come up soon. Next time I’m definitely hiring movers!!!

Finally at 21 weeks I had my anomaly scan. I was definitely nervous in the days leading up to it. Both Harper and Indie were growth restricted antenatally so I was afraid something else was going to show up. Or something worse. Age definitely makes me worry too, as obviously the older we get the more at risk we are of all kinds of complications. Thankfully everything was perfect and baby is measuring at the 50th percentile - which is fantastic for us!

Bump is coming along nicely as well. I feel that everything is definitely pre stretched from the previous pregnancies, so showing much more than I have ever done before. But I’ve decided to embrace it. I look pregnant now rather than just bloated!

Is it terrible to be on the countdown to the final stretch now? I’m hoping I’ve guessed the date for my section around 39 weeks usually so I’m literally counting down the weeks - 16 coming up! Given how quickly this pregnancy has gone so far I’m sure it’s going to fly. I’m planning on working up until 37 weeks or so, but hopefully time allowing I will be finished up sooner. I know everyone always wants as much time after the birth we baby, but I think its so important to look after yourself in the run up to the birth. Its a tiring / exhausting time and its best to be well rested prior to giving birth. Whether its a planned section or unexpected labour!

If you are also pregnant how have you been feeling? Thank you for following along. Feel free to drop me a DM on instagram @drlauragp if you have any questions queries or concerns. I love hearing from you guys.

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