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Free delivery on orders over €199 | Free gift with each order

Skin Shield SPF 50 (Refill)


Skingredients Skin Shield SPF 50 PA+++ (73ml) is your multi award-winning, broad-spectrum SPF that’ll protect your skin + lightly moisturise, while imparting a dewy finish + peachy tint. Our SPF has a legion of fans that adore its glow, glow, glow!

Granted, Skin Shield’s peachy tint isn’t suitable for dark-skinned hoomans, but watch this space we'll be serving you a skin-inclusive SPF in 2022.

The 04 in the Key Four range Skin Shield is the ESSENTIAL final step in every hooman’s AM skin recipe! It’s your lightweight mineral parasol that’ll shield (wink, wink) your skin from damaging UVA + UVB rays, blue light (aka HEV light) emitted from the sun + our screens, pollution and infrared.

For added skin benefits (because we don’t do anything by halves), you’ll find niacinamide otherwise known as vitamin B3 and vitamin E for the antioxidant protection against pesky environmental aggressors. Plus, trust the moisturising addition of allantoin to smooth the skin. It is non-comedogenic, oil- free, water-resistant and non-greasy, and what’s more, there’s no need to stress about a chalky white cast and photo flashback.

Key Benefits


Daily Broad Spectrum Mineral SPF Lotion.


Who it's for: - All hoomans® except for those who live in a cave - Perfect for oily, dry, normal, dehydrated and even very sensitive skin.

How to use


Pat 1/2 a teaspoon on to your face, neck, ears and any exposed areas in the AM after your serums and moisturisers. Reapply every 2 hours when exposed to direct sunlight.

Nerdie tip: Be sun-savvy, not sun-fearful: an even application is key. Avoid the sun at peak times and remember that we’re exposed to UVA and HEV rays even on the dullest and cloudiest of days. Skin Shield SPF 50 PA+++ is also your perfect primer!

Cruelty-free, vegan-friendly, suitable for mamas-to-be, fragrance-free. For external use only - do not ingest. If irritation occurs, rinse immediately and discontinue use. We recommend patch testing before use. Do not use on broken skin

Dr.Laura Says

A really lovely SPF with zinc oxide and a slight sheer tint for the perfect amount of coverage. 


Rock Star Ingredients:

  • Zinc oxide: a mineral that works as a physical SPF filter (SPF 50, PA +++)

  • Niacinamide (vitamin B3): an antioxidant that improves skin tone and


  • Vitamin E: a potent antioxidant to protect the skin from free radical


  • Allantoin: a moisturising ingredient that smooths the skin