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Why We Love iS Clinical

Why We Love iS Clinical

iS Clinical is a global skincare brand, which boasts hard-working products suitable for every skin type and concern.

iS Clinical products feature Pharma grade quality ingredients, which indicates that they’re extremely safe for use, and each formula is also 95% to 98% botanical - meaning that these ingredients are sourced straight from nature. 

All of this incredible brand’s formulas are multi-tasking, which means that practitioners like us at Dr. Laura Clinic are able to help our clients to tackle and treat a variety of skin concerns using fewer products - saving our clients both time and money!

iS Clinical also specialise in specific skin concern areas, creating product recommendations for those who are looking to treat and care for skin affected by scarring, pregnancy, or cancer treatment. The brand’s bespoke Cancer Care programme is designed to help those going through cancer treatment with the physical and emotional challenges, alongside providing tailored skincare.

As well as this, iS Clinical’s skincare is strongly results-driven, and clinically proven to deliver the results that are promised on the label. How can you not love this brand?

If you’re new to iS Clinical, here are some of our favourite products! Why not give them a try? 

Youth Eye Complex - €106

Cream Cleanser - €44

Copper Firming Mist - €34

Honey Warming Cleanser - €44

Extreme Protect SPF 40 - €84

Hydra Cool Serum - €100


SHEALD Recovery Balm - €64


To find out more about transforming your skincare routine with iS Clinical products, get in touch with Dr. Laura Clinic today to book a personalised consultation!

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