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The Clinic

Skin clinic specialising in the treatment of acne and rosacea 

Dr. Laura Clinic is a specialised GP and skin health clinic founded by Dr. Laura Lenihan. Whether you are looking to treat acne or hyperpigmentation, smooth lines and wrinkles, or you simply want advice on effective skincare and anti-ageing solutions, allow Dr. Laura to create your ultimate bespoke skin solution.

Specialising in all skin health areas, with a specific emphasis on the treatment and management of acne and rosacea, the clinic designs personalised therapies tailored to each patient’s skin concerns and goals, helping them achieve optimal results.

When training as a GP, Dr. Laura always had an interest in skincare, but found the medical world lacking in knowledge on skincare routines or ingredients to complement medical based therapies. Often treatment was just that, without any thought given to preventing recurrence of issues. Dr. Laura uses an integrated approach to her skincare plans mixing prescription products (when required) with medical grade skincare and treatments. This allows her to get the best results for her patients and maintain these results over time.

dr Laura skin clinic in Galway