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The hair mask that everyone is talking about!

The hair mask that everyone is talking about!

There’s a very good reason as to why the K18 Leave-In Molecular Repair Hair Mask has been labelled as a game changing product by hair care enthusiasts all over TikTok. With well over 11 billion views on the app alone, this revolutionary product has completely taken over the hair care world and trust us when we say it’s a must have in your hair care routine.

K18 is a brand that was founded back in 2020 with the goal of making it easier for people to achieve their hair goals from the comfort of their own home. The brand believes that when you feel good, you look good—and they want you to know that you can get your dream hair if you put in just a small amount of work.


This Molecular Repair Hair Mask, is a leave-in treatment designed to help repair damage caused by bleach, colour or heat whilst adding strength, softness, shine and a gorgeous bounce to the hair. 

The hype around this product is real- from pro hair stylists to celebrities, everyone is saying this product is like a spa for your hair.

The product's star ingredient K18 Peptide mimics the structure of the hair’s natural keratin to boost moisture and promote thicker, fuller hair. The patented peptide ingredient also repairs and nourishes broken keratin chains, which improves overall hair strength and makes your hair look and feel healthy.

What’s the best thing about the K18 hair mask you may ask? It has to be how easy and quick it is to use.



A lot of us don’t have the time these days to apply a mask and leave it on our hair for 15+ minutes. This is where K18 takes a completely different approach. With this treatment, wash your hair, skip your conditioner, apply the treatment to towel-dried hair et voilà, you’re good to go! There’s no need to sit around, hop in and out of the shower or wash it out the next day.

It's super convenient—you can get yourself ready for the day or night ahead whilst the mask is working its magic on your soon to be luscious locks!

The brand advises starting with one pump and then adding more only if you need it, they also suggest letting it sink into the scalp for at least five minutes before styling or applying any other hair products. If you’re looking for the best possible results, I would recommend treating your hair to this product every five to six washes and trust me when I say overtime you will notice huge changes in how your hair looks and feels.

You can shop the K18 Leave-In Molecular Repair Hair Mask here.  

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